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The first time you meet Biljana you feel like you have been her friend all your life. She has that very rare gift of being completely open hearted, warm and welcoming.


Welcome! Please walk in and find yourself comfortable in this dancing beehive. Browse, explore, find information about workshops, events, journeys, art and photography, theatre, film and writing that you may be interested in... Get in touch... I look forward to dancing with you, virtually or in flesh! 

Dec '16

Its that Christmas time again! How are you feeling about it all? Edgy, frustrated, overwhelmed, chilled, expectant, excited, happy..??

Wherever you are on that emotional scale, try stay with it, stay with yourself, stay embodied, gently but firmly, most of all honestly. Tango invites us to be receptive to what is, to all that we are at present including what is coming towards us, but also to actively allow ourselves to let go of what doesn't serve us anymore and to choose the new direction and the shape we wish to dance from now on!

All the while keeping the flow going :-)

My update for Winter tango activities is as follows:

Tonight (14th Dec) is the last workshop for this year in the lovely Ponsanooth Hall.. I fully enjoyed this dynamic bi-monthly experience and send my gratitude to all of you who committed to it.. Next year's cycle of workshops will commence on Wednesday 11th January and I am looking forward with excitement and joy to our new improvisations, explorations and walking together.. Anyone who wishes to join this workshop, please get in touch with me via email..

I am around throughout winter and am continuing to give private lessons, which always cut much deeper than the group lessons.. So do get in touch if you're interested in working with me in this way..

News from Becalelis and myself re our collaboration as Tango Centre Falmouth:

Due to so many dancers having prior Xmas party commitments, we have decided to postpone our Milonga. Apologies to those who were looking forward to it. We will reschedule the Milonga to Springtime to give an extra spring in our step.

On the 16th December we will instead run our usual guided Practica with a touch of added Xmas spirit. Starting at 20:00 till 23:00. £5 on the door
For those longing for a local Milonga TJ and ther Penryn Tango Co-opertative have a Milonga on Wednesday 14th with a live band . 20:00 to 23:00. St Gluvias Hall, Penryn.
We will return in January with Practica on Friday 13th 2017. Fundementals at 19:00 followed by Practica at 20:00

Look forward to seeing some of you at the Practica and to all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the best
Becalelis and Biljana

For the information about the venue etc. find us on Facebook or web page

And that is all from me for now..

Sending you sparkles and crystal clear wishes and blessings for the festive season ahead!

Oct '16

Autumn is well underway although, this October, we have been blessed with some mild weather and beautiful sunshine here in Cornwall. 

I realise I haven't written anything here since August! I am sure I am not alone in saying - always so much to do, we have all become so busy, our lives ever so speedier and fuller! 

Which, to me, also means that knowing how to live in the present moment, in that flow, as well as how to stop the wheel turning from time to time, has become a hugely important skill to have and to use.

Myself - I have learnt that skill in many ways through Tango and it is for this kind of quality that I really wish to promote this magical dance practice even more out there! 

So, the update for Autumn tango activities is as follows:

A dynamic bi-monthly tango class, now forimprovers/intermediates on Wednesdayscontinues in the lovely Ponsanooth Hall. To join the class please get in touch with me via email..

I am also continuing to give private lessons, which always cut much deeper than the group lessons.. Please get in touch if you're interested in working with me in this way.

Tango Centre Falmouth continues to run in October with a slightly different structure. We shall be running a Fundamentals class 7-8pm followed by the Practica till 10/11pm each Friday of the month. It is a trial month as we don't know if running the practica each week is sustainable as yet, but lets see! We are offering a space, so hope to see you, the dancers, there.. More information about the venue, fees and this project can be found on Facebook or web page

Then also, 11th-14th November 2016, I am running another Shamanic Tango intensive retreat in Rosemerryn Centre in Lamorna, Cornwall. As always, I am very excited about this serious playshop and hope to see some of you there too. Please see Special Workshops page for more information and to book contact me directly.. 

Bright blessings and much love on your onward Tango journey..

copyright Delia Spatareanu

Aug '16

For me, summer this year has meant lots of being and playing outdoors in nature, dancing, socialising, partying and also attending a few festivals (including the Tropical Pressure festival in Porthtowan, at which I also led some tango sessions). I have also been loving my life on the boat and being surrounded by water.

Like most of you, I am sure, I too have been impacted by the tumultuous times we live in at the moment. In a sort of unexpected way though, this has made me even more determined to continue deepening into the simple joys of life, the essence of which for me lies in connection and relationship.. Actively immersing myself into the simple acts that can bring me joy and happiness in that way, this has in fact become a radical way of rebellion for me and my own way to feel free, despite the depressive and as I see it, ideologies driven extremist atmosphere that seems to be pervading our lives these days. 

And I feel we are all going to need a lot more determination and activation of will in order to create the lives we actually want, on a small as well as on the big scale, but also, we will need much more surrender too, to true collaborations, to working together, to feeling and enjoying life as a dancing relationship.. Tango then will become an even more important teacher for us all! :-)

So please keep dancing.. 

A little update of my tango activities:

- I continue to run a dynamic tango class bi-monthly on Wednesdays in the lovely Ponsanooth Hall. To join the class please get in touch with me via email..

- I am also continuing to give private lessons, which always cut deeper than the group lessons.. Please get in touch if you're interested in working with me in this way.

- Tango Centre Falmouth continues to shape up as a collaboration between Becalelis Brodskis (Barefoot Practica) and myself. So far we have been offering classes and practices on Fridays in Falmouth, and will continue to do so from September.. Plus - although we have meant to break up in August, by popular demand we have decided to run two practices on the 12th and 23rd Aug; 8-10pm.. More information about the venue, fees and the project can be found on Facebook or web page.

- I am also delighted to be guest teaching in a retreat for flutists in September, led by an amazing Jessica Quinones in St. Agnes, Cornwall. I will be bringing movement, dance and generally more conscious understanding of the body to the musicians.. all in order for them to open to the state of flow whilst playing. 

- Then further down the line, 11th-14th November 2016, I will be offering another Shamanic Tango intensive retreat in Rosemerryn Centre in Lamorna, Cornwall. As always, I am very excited about this. See more information on the Special Workshops page.

Much love on your continuing dance journey and hope to be hugging some of you in flesh soon too!

June '16

Summer is here and summer in Cornwall is truly gorgeous! Let this warm season get the most active and confident part of you out - dancing! 

Barefoot Practica and myself are teaming up for an exciting collaboration and project we have called Tango Centre Falmouth - A place to learn, dance, share, exchange the love of Tango.. To start with we shall be running classes for Beginners and Improvers as well as Practica on Fridays (starting 3rd June 2016) in the King Charles Hall in Falmouth. For more information about this check

or get in touch with me or Becalelis on

I am also continuing to run a committed Intermediate tango class bi-monthly on Wednesdays in the beautiful Ponsanooth Hall, Penryn. If you are interested in joining please get in touch with me on

Happy Summer Tangos!

March '16

Slowly emerging out of my wintery hideaway, together with the Sun I am beginning to climb the ladders of the white light again, and have finally come out to give you some news! After the most amazing Shamanic Tango Spring rebirth in Lamorna, Cornwall, I am already looking forward to the next retreat 11th-14th November 2016! Please keep the dates in your diary and check back again for when the bookings will be open.. 

Also, as I continue to drop into the community and the life in Penryn, I am doing more collaborations and more tango work in the area. For private and small group tango classes of different levels, please get in touch with me personally.. For tango practica in Penryn visit Barefoot Practica run by Becalelis Brodskis.. Becalelis and I will run a workshop together and probably some beginner classes in Falmouth area from May, so again, for more information about these please revisit here or get in touch with us personally..

For the moment, may your walk get a spring as your heart blooms in union with the glorious Spring!

Dec '15 cont.

I warmly invite you to the new cycle of Shamanic Tango - Immersive spaces and intimate embraces! Click on the image to see the full flyer.

For more information about the upcoming March 2016 retreat - please go to the special workshops page.. 

Dec '15

Time passes in a flash! It is already December! Apologies there has been no news from me for a while! 

Things have changed - I am now based in Penryn, Cornwall and am living on a houseboat. But, I am still and will always be dancing! :-) 

At the moment I manly offer private and small group tango lessons in and around Cornwall - please see the flyer and get in touch if you're interested to work with me. I will keep you posted of any other developments.

I am also preparing a new cycle of Shamanic Tango workshops - first one to be a retreat in West Penwith's enchanting Rosemerryn centre ( - 6th March 2016! Very excited about this. More information coming very soon.. 

Meanwhile hope you are managing to stay peaceful and happy in the turbulent times we live in! Keep dancing! With love..

copyright Delia Spatareanu

Aug '15

Times are transformational, and it is ALL CHANGE in BeeSpace! As of September I will be moving my tango activities to different locations in Cornwall.I will keep you posted of the changes, but for the month of August I am still around in Penzance and will be holding beginner classes with practice on Tuesdays and will also do one last milonga on Sunday 23rd Aug.. Please note that there will be no second class on Tuesdays though, but I will continue doing private lessons throughout the month.

I look forward to continuing to share the dance with you!

copyright Delia Spatareanu

July '15

Are you enjoying the warmth and beauty of the summer that is upon us? Down here in Cornwall summer really is a very special time. Light, beach, sea, festivals, music and of course tango is not stopping either.. 

I continue to do group tango lessons and the monthly milonga which is turning into a yummy and nourishing space with all levels local dancers, food feasts plus with guests too, last month from as far as Devon and Bath :-). 

I would also like to say that (with your lead in this) I am doing more private lessons these days, and because of the effect they have (i.e.. they are faster and deeper way to access this dance and our own best dancer within) I am going to focus on doing them even more in the future. I can be quite flexible with the times plus, if there is a few of you wishing to group up on a day and also live further away, I am open to traveling to you instead of you having to come down to Penzance. So if you are interested, please get in touch.. I also have vouchers available in case you wish to give a dance lesson as a gift to a friend or a family member.

Happy summer dancing!

May '15

Happy Beltane! 

May the seedlings of your new ideas, hopes and dreams flower into manifestation this Spring. Nourished by the light and fire may they also bring forth new alignments and balance we all need on our beautiful Earth on so many levels these days.

Tango can help by focusing us exactly on that balance, between masculine and feminine, body and mind, movement and stillness.. Come join the dance floor! Classes and milongas await you. The last month's milonga at Beespace was oh, so delicious and full of bounce!

See the Calendar and other pages for more info..

copyright Jelena Tasic

April '15

Happy Spring everyone!

It seems to me that whilst the days are getting longer, the time we feel we have available is getting shorter, as we tend to fill it with more and more things to do! With more light there is more outward expansion, but just as we feel we need to fill our time with work and duties, to balance the scales we need to allow ourselves to have more time to play too. What better way to do that than dancing :-)

Copyright Delia Spatareanu

March '15

This month Spring changes are afoot!

Following my enquiry and the feedback I got from many of you who come to my tango classes in Penzance, I can finally say that things are official :-)
From Tue 17th March I will be joining together, back to back, the usual Tuesdays Beginner class and the regular Fridays Intermediate/Advanced class, and will be running them all together on Tuesdays from then on! There are few reasons for this, but one of the main ones is to bring again the tango dancers of all levels in Cornwall into one space, to mix, socialise, learn and dance on the same night. My hope is that most of you who do come to the classes will be able to accommodate this change into your daily lives and that in that way our Cornish tango dancing community will become even richer and ever more enjoyable.

I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

Please see Calendar for details about dates, times etc. of the tango classes, practicas and milongas that I run.

Copyright Biljana Lipic

Feb 2015

HAPPY IMBOLC everyone!

During this beautiful 'quickening of the year', time of renewed hope and potency of life stirring inside our bellies, I myself would like to invite you to clear the space and bring more fiery tango as well as warming thoughts and creativity into your lives!

This month I am excited to announce that the photographs I took during a residency at the Newlyn Arts Festival last year, will be shown from 10th-21st Feb in the Newlyn Art Gallery's Cafe. You can also see the article about it in the blog Fish On Friday. I will soon be updating the website with the photographs as well, so watch this space..

And of course, visit the Calendar and BeeSpace hexagons for practical information about the Argentine tango classes and events I run here in Cornwall, UK. To sign for my newsletter lists click here.